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«…Bach, Purcell, Russian folk songs, Gregorian Chants, Corsican tunes, the sounds of the Siberian steppe – Benjamin, Saravaisky and Mamonov approached  them all with a blend of seriousness and humor, deconstructing them with a smile, yet maintaining the highest musical standards.»

Ben Shalev, Haaretz



«The new performance is certainly something we are not accustomed to hearing in our everyday musical repertoire which is, how shall I say, rather routine,or even dull.»

Eitan Elhadad, Zman Tel Aviv








Avi Benjamin – musical director, piano, melodica and vocal, Igor Mamonov – vocals, bass, percussion, Eliyahu Saravaisky – guitars, bass, vocal, Michael Vaisburd — sound design, Dima Elyashev — technical management, Roni Ninio — artistic consultant, Einat Besser — production


About the project


Avi Benjamin Trio is a wonderfully flexible ensemble. The three vocalists-instrumentalists apply the freedom of jazz, hip hop and popular ethnic styles to classical gems with the goal of showing how much fun music can be. The result is as entertaining as it is rich.

Those classically trained musicians incorporate the precise details of Shostakovich, and Bach in their own humorous musical agenda. They make even a solemn Ave Maria easily communicative. The juncture between Purcell’s pathos in the centerpiece and a Bollywood song touches emotion while sidestepping thought.

BABYLON is a meeting between genres, between styles, between people on and off the stage. Its appeal is both visual and aural, since the trio is experienced in theatrical performance as well as in music. The discipline and musicality in the unique recreation of a Gregorian chant serves them well in their transformation of a Siberian folk tune. The varied repertoire, the original vocalizations and instrumental virtuosity, the farcical props and atmosphere, make this Trio’s BABYLON a treat.

Formed in 2015 by Avi Benjamin, former musical director of Gesher Theatre and a classically trained pianist who branched out into Jazz and Rock, Avi’s music was hailed in international venues of theatre and film from Lincoln Center to Beijing. His trio, ignoring traditional division into styles and genres, invites the audience to a fanciful musical adventure.

A unique performance, original and surprising arrangements and a direct engagement with the audience of all ages.


Einat Besser Production








Ilya Saravaisky


Igor Mamonov



Avi Benjamin